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lagoonie film production’s roundtable at cairo international film festival

lagoonie film production’s roundtable at cairo international film festival

Cairo - Egypt | Tuesday, December 15, 2020

On the sidelines of the 42nd Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), Lagoonie Film Production organized roundtable discussions with prominent cinema figures from the Arab world. Moderated by the celebrated TV personality Raya Abirachid, the roundtable featured three episodes with each of them consisting of three parts.

The first episode of the roundtable was attended by the key Egyptian and Arab filmmakers and producers Shahinaz El-Akkad, Mohamed Hefzy, Hani Osama, Ahmed Badawy, Hesham Soliman, and Marianne Khoury, who got together to discuss the future of the film industry in the Middle East.

The second episode brought together the distinguished Egyptian and Arab directors Yousry Nasrallah, Amir Ramses, Hala Khalil, Sameh Alaa, Amjad Abu Alala, and Ahmed Fawzi Saleh.

The third and final episode of the roundtable featured some of the most salient screenwriters in the Arab world like Hany Fawzy, Zaineb Aziz, Tamer Habib, Mostafa Sakr, and Karim Youssef.

Founded by Producer Shahinaz Elakkad in 2017, Lagoonie Film Production is an Egyptian company that aims to develop the film and TV industry in Egypt and the Arab world through making high-quality films and TV series that address non-mainstream topics to put the Arab film and TV industry on the international map.

Lagoonie Film Production has recently wrapped up shooting A’az El Weld film by director Sarah Nouh. It is currently working on a number of new projects; Barra El Manhag film by director Amr Salama, the Jordanian film Daughters of Adbulrahman by director Zaid Abu Hamdan, Amira by director Mohamed Diab and Huda's Salon by Hany Abu Assad.

The company’s latest co-productions include Ras El Sana film, along with Film Clinic, Shoka we Sekina short film that participated in El Gouna Film Festival, Nemra Etnein TV series that premiered on Shahid VIP that brings together a stellar cast of actors and directors from across the Arab world, and Ana Shaira .. Ana Elkha’en TV drama, which is based on Nour Abdelmegeed's novel of the same name.