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sa'et egaba wraps filming

sa'et egaba wraps filming

Cairo - Egypt | Tuesday, December 13, 2022

SA'ET EGABA’s cast and crew announced the conclusion of the production’s filming, adding that it is scheduled to be released soon in theaters and will star Selim Mostafa — the child celebrity who won audiences' hearts in the role of Younis in WHY NOT?

SA'ET EGABA has a star-studded cast that includes megastar Sawsan Badr, Ghada Adel, Sherif Salama, Ayten Amer, Naglaa Badr, Entsar, Eman Elsayed, Mohammed Tharwat, Badria Tolba, Phaedra, Firas Saeed, Mourad Makram, Ahmed Fathy, Ahmed Talaat, Lateefa Fahmy, and Magdy El-Bhery alongside the folk singer Omar Kamal.

The film follows a young boy who finds himself frequently quarreling with his parents. The last straw comes when they fail to fulfill their promise of taking him to the movie theater, after which, he wishes for different parents. 

After a thunderstorm blows over their house, the boy realizes that his wish has come true, finding himself in a new house, family, and life.

Ahmed Shiko pitched the film, which was written by Wara' Einab Workshop’s Mohamed Kheidr, Shereen Alaa, Ahmed Shiko, Reem Elmaalify, Mostafa Kheidr, and Rehab Nabil. SA'ET EGABA is also directed by Mostafa Abu Seif. The film is produced by Lagoonie Film Production and Co-Produced by Rise Studios.