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sa'et egaba, an eid el-fitr film starring a child and 16 megastars

sa'et egaba, an eid el-fitr film starring a child and 16 megastars

Cairo - Egypt | Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Following the release of SA'ET EGABA's official trailer on social media, which already clocked in over 2m views, Lagoonie Film Production recently released a teaser poster in collaboration with Rise Studios

The poster features the child actor Selim Mostafa surrounded by a slew of megastars while in awe of the adventures he got himself into, which include all sorts of random characters, ranging from superheroes and milkwomen to valets, drummers, gang members, and a folk singer

What brings them all together and how this many characters can have enough meaningful screen time in the film are the questions that are currently bouncing around the Egyptian zeitgeist. But surely all will be revealed when the film releases in the upcoming Eid El-Fitr.

The poster also features some bizarre or out-of-place props, like a green door behind Selim, a toy truck hauling large sugar cubes, and an alarm clock, which seems to have a significant role in the film’s events.

SA'ET EGABA stars Selim Mostafa along with a star-studded cast that includes megastar Sawsan Badr, Ghada Adel, Sherif Salama, Ayten Amer, Naglaa Badr, Entsar, Eman Elsayed, Mohammed Tharwat, Badria Tolba, Ahmed Fathy, Phaedra, Firas Saeed, Mourad Makram, Ahmed Talaat, Lateefa Fahmy, and Magdy El-Bhery, alongside the folk singer Omar Kamal.

The film follows a young boy drawn into strange worlds, going on exhilarating — and at times dangerous — adventures with various families.

The film was pitched by Ahmed Shiko and written by Wara' Einab Workshop’s Mohamed Kheidr, Shereen Alaa, and Shiko. It is also directed by Mostafa Abu Seif and produced by Lagoonie Film Production and Rise Studios.