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ras el sana selected as the closing film at the marrakech international film festival

ras el sana selected as the closing film at the marrakech international film festival

Cairo - Egypt | Sunday, November 24, 2019

Directed by Sakr and written by Mohamed Hefzy, Ras El Sana lands its world premiere as the closing film at the Marrackech International Film Festival. The film will be released soon by Film Clinic and Lagoonie Film Production in Egyptian and Arab theaters.

Established in 2001, the Marrakech International Film Festival (November 29 - December 7) has become one of the world’s most renowned international film festivals, particularly in the Mediterranean region.

Ras El Sana takes place over the course of one night in a coastal resort town where the crème de la crème celebrate the New Year in 2009. As the celebrations are underway, relationships grow more complex, and secrets are uncovered, changing the way they see themselves and those around them forever. Written by writer/producer Mohamed Hefzy, Ras El Sana is the debut film for director Sakr and stars Eyad Nassar, Ahmed Malek, Basma, Shereen Reda, Ingy El Mokadem, Huda El Mufti, and Ali Kassem.

Continuing his thriving career in film production, Mohamed Hefzy has returned to writing for the big screen with Ras El Sana. Aside from his responsibilities as President of the Cairo International Film Festival, Hefzy is one of the most remarkable current screenwriters in Egypt, despite his few and far between screenwriting projects. His films garner wide audience acclaim that continues for years after their release, including Elsellem wel te'ban, Teto, Mallaki Iskandariya, 45 Days and Aswar al-Qamar.

Ras El Sana is produced by Lagoonie Film Production and Film Clinic, distributed by New Century Production and marketed by MAD Solutions.