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lagoonie film production wraps up shooting a nose and three eyes

lagoonie film production wraps up shooting a nose and three eyes

Cairo - Egypt | Sunday, January 07, 2024

Lagoonie Film Production officially wrapped up shooting its highly-anticipated adaptation of late legendary writer Ihsan Abdel-Quddous’ A NOSE AND THREE EYES on October 8th. 

The film — which is a contemporary rendition of Abdel-Quddous' novel, which was originally adapted into a film in 1972 — is set to be released later this year by Lagoonie Film Production in collaboration with Rise Studio, with great aspirations for critical recognition. 

A NOSE AND THREE EYES revolves around Doctor Hashem — a renowned plastic surgeon in his mid-40s who remains single despite having been in two long-term relationships before. 

However, when he meets Ruba — a woman who is 25 years his junior — he finds himself unable to resist her charms and allure despite the age gap. 

Directed by Amir Ramsis and scriptwriter Wael Hamdy, A NOSE AND THREE EYES has a starry ensemble cast that includes Dhaffer L'Abidine, Saba Mubarak, Salma Abudeif, Sedky Sakhr, Gihan El-Shamashergy, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Nabil Maher, and Selim Mostafa — the child celebrity who won audiences' hearts in the role of Younis in WHY NOT? — as well as Amina Khalil, who will be appearing as a guest of honor after Dina El-Sherbiny had to step away from the project. 

Founded by producer Shahinaz Elakkad in 2017, Lagoonie Film Production is an Egyptian company that aims to develop the film and TV industry in Egypt and the Arab world by making and distributing high-quality films and TV series that address fresh and original topics. 

Lagoonie has supported a list of trailblazing films that went on to win numerous awards at festivals, including FEATHERS by Omar El-Zohairy; AMIRA by Mohamed Diab, which won three awards at Venice; Palestinian film HUDA’S SALON by Hany Abu-Assad; Jordanian film THE ALLEYS by Bassel Ghandour; and the short film SHOKA WE SEKINA, which starred Menna Shalaby, Eyad Nassar, and Asser Yassin.