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a’az el weld movie to be released in easter

a’az el weld movie to be released in easter

Cairo - Egypt | Thursday, February 07, 2019

Filming the movie “A’az el Weld” starring Mervat Amin and Dalal Abdel Aziz will come to an end in one week. The much anticipated movie is directed by Sarah Noah.

The remaining scenes will be filmed in different locations. The production company seeks to release the movie in Easter.

Presented in comedic attire, “A’az el Weld” revolves around four grandmothers, who face numerous troubles with their grandchildren. The actresses Sherine and Inaam Salousa are also part of the cast.

Dalal Abdel Aziz Mohamed is an Egyptian actress. She earned her bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Zaqaziq University. Thereafter, she decided to move to the capital.

She was first noticed by director Nour al-Damerdash and she worked with Adwa Al-Masrah Trio in the theatrical production “Ahlan ya Doktour”.

She also took part in several other theatrical productions, including “Faris bany Khaiban”, “Akhouya Hayiss wana Layiss” and “Houb fel Takhshibah”.

Moreover, her performance was exceptional in the television series “La”, “Demou Sahibat al-Galalah” and “Abadan Lam Yakon Laha”.

She won the best actress award at the 1998 Television Awards Festival.

Her performance in recent films is quite different from the performance style that characterized her at the beginning of her career. One of her best performances came in the movie “Asrar al Banat”.

Abdel Aziz married comedian Samir Ghanem and the couple has two daughters.