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Lagoonie Film production was founded by producer Shahinaz Elakkad in 2017, the company is an Egyptian company that aims to develop the film and TV industry in Egypt and the Arab world by making and distributing high-quality films and TV series that address fresh and original topics place Arab films and TV shows on the international map.
Salah Abu Humus
Salah Abu Humus
A Saudi producer with a background in Business Administration and experience in the Saudi banking industry. Following a successful career in banking, he decided to put his skills to use in Saudi Arabia's film sector, where he believes there is great potential in light of the Saudi kingdom's new strategy, the revealing of its 2030 vision, and the massive support it has shown for the arts and investment. He got his start in the film business with the launch of Lagoonie in Saudi Arabia, which later partnered with Lagoonie Film Production in Egypt to produce three feature films about empowering Saudi women. The three films are considered his earliest productions.

Email: Salah.Abohomus@lagoonie.group

Upcoming Projects

Detox (Mini Series)

A young lady who owns the charming "detox" Lodge in Riyadh. Where the residents bring in the negative effects and the toxins of social media, just to depart from the lodge in a serene psychological state

Abu Qamra (Feature film)

Abu Qamra's life symbolizes the social and cultural changes in Saudi society's openness and the renaissance the younger generation is now experiencing. Through his career as a folk singer, his personal life, and relationships, we see the changes that have taken place in the society’s culture, including the music, performances, folklore rituals, and local celebrations of the Saudi West Coast.

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