Upcoming Projects
Directed by: Omar El Zohairy
Screenplay: Ahmed Amer, Omar El Zohairy
Feathers creates a fantasy world of indefinite place and time following a passive mother who dedicates her life to her husband and children. Stuck in daily, repetitive, mundane chores, she has made herself as little as she possibly could...
Daughters of Adbulrahman
Daughters of Adbulrahman
(Banat Adbulrahman)
Dark Comedy - (Co-Production)
Director & Screenwriter: Zaid Abu Hamdan
Zainab wakes up to a shocking discovery that could defame her in the neighborhood. She quickly calls for her sister’s aid. Yet, fiery Amaal has her own secret struggle and is not having her sister Samah,.....
Director: Mohamed Diab
Screenwriter: Mohamed Diab, Khaled Diab, Sherine Diab
Amira is a bubbly 17-year-old who has grown-up believing she was conceived with the smuggled sperm of her imprisoned father. Her sense of identity is shattered when another attempt to conceive a child with her father’s smuggled sperm reveals he is infertile .....
Huda's Salon
Huda's Salon (Salon Huda)
Director: Hany Abu Assad
Screenwriter: Hany Abu Assad
Based on real events, Huda’s Salon is a heart-racing, entertaining feminist thriller, where two women fight for their freedom. Reem, a young mother married to a jealous man, goes to Huda’s salon in Bethlehem.....
The Alleys
The Alleys
Director & Screenwriter: Bassel Ghandour
Gossip and violence run rampant deep in the labyrinthine alleys of East Amman. Ali, a hustler pretending to be a businessman, has to keep his relationship with Lana a secret in order to hide from society's judgmental eye.....
Released Projects
Barra El Manhag
Barra El Manhag (Out of Context)
Directed by: Amr Salama
Writers: Amr Salama & Khaled Diab
Barra El Manhag is a light-hearted drama about Nour, a 13-year-old orphan boy. As all the boys are afraid of the haunted house right in front of the school, he's encouraged to go into the house to gain their respect....
Far2 Khebra
Far2 Khebra
Directed by: Sherif Nagib
Fare’ Khebra revolves around Nagi, a quiet dreamy young man, who while trying to escape from his Family problems, will embark on an unexpected quest of life, where he explores love and relationships after meeting Salma by coincidence. ....
Lagoonie A3az El Weld
A’az El Weld (Dearest Son)
Family Comedy - Co Production
Directed by: Sarah Nouh
What would four grandmothers do with their time? Cooking, perhaps some Botox, or living on the memories of the past. But when the grandchildren are kidnapped for ransom...
Ras El Sana poster
New Year's Eve (Ras El Sana)
Directed by: Saqr
Ras El Sana takes place over the course of one night in a coastal resort town where the crème de la crème celebrate the New Year in 2009. As the celebrations are underway, relationships grow more complex.......
fork and knife poster
Fork & Knife (Shoka w Sekeena)
Romance, Drama
Directed by: Adam Abd Elghaffar
A co-production between Creative Arab Talent, The Producers, Red Star Films, Lagoonie Film Production and Creative Media Ventures, in collaboration with BEE Media Productions, Lizard, Dana Ismail and Adam Abd ElGhaffar.....